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About us

The Mediterreanean Life

Located on the Gulf's coastline, SeaShell Hotel & Resort's aim is to embody the Mediterranean atmosphere. The essence of the laid-back, yet regal theme can be seen through our chalets, along with our seafront swimming pools and floral-esque landscapes.

At the end of the day, we want our guests to completely feel at ease and capture the sense of serenity in our resort.

Business or Pleasure? Yes to Both!

For our business-like or leisurely guests, we provide a wide range of services. To today's jet-set businessmen and women, we have the necessities that you need. Two multi-function meeting/conference rooms await you.

But, if the meeting rooms are not the rooms that you're looking for, then worry no more. Whether you wish to relax by the pool, jump on your jet-ski to emerge with the majestic waves of the Gulf, or simply let your kids run wild in the Kid's Entertainment Club, SeaShell happily offers you the  facilities that you would need to define your getaway home, away from home.

Fine Dining & Family Fun

Here at SeaShell Hotel & Resort, we like to offer our guests variety of restaurants and cafes for you and your loved ones to dine in. Such restaurants can be found, such as Avenue and SeaShell Restaurant, along with Presto and Gazebo.

Also, since we want you to create memories in our hotel, family picnics and lunches on the beachside could be arranged, just for you. You and your family can have the option to dine in the privacy of the terrace of your chosen chalet. Moreover, our room service is always available, as we are only a phone call away.